Digital Signage

With glasses-free 3D, you can hit all the right advertising notes. Increase viewer dwell time, improve customer recall of your brand, and achieve greater response to your action cues by tapping into the power of Ultra-D. No dead spots or uncomfortable viewing angles… just a room full of potential customers who will be drawn to your messaging.

Creating compelling content for digital signage is easy with our plug-ins for After Effects and NUKE. These custom tools allow the easy import of your finished clips and depth maps from everyday CGI programs like Maya and 3ds Max into After Effects and NUKE for final Ultra-D output. Whether previewing footage while you work or exporting for final distribution, you’ll find a new dimension to your creativity.

Concerned about how to manage this captivating new content across your network? We’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading content management platforms and the maker of cutting-edge digital media players to offer a plug-and-play solution. Ultra-D displays are now compatible with the Signagelive cloud-based CMS and the XMP-7300 true 4K media player from IAdea for a robust system you can rely on.


Contact us to learn more about our plugins and how to obtain them.