Film + TV

Interested in mastering your film and television projects in Ultra-D? With our software plugins for After Effects and NUKE, you can do just that. If your masterpiece is destined for 3D at the cinema, you’ve probably already got disparity maps as a byproduct of your normal workflow. Just pull them into NUKE or After Effects along with one eye of your final picture and use the export plugin to make eye-popping Ultra-D masters for a global audience.

If you’re not already working in 3D, don’t worry, you’ve still got options. There are several off-the-shelf 2D-to-3D solutions available, as well as service providers with quality ranging from low end to IMAX resolution. We also offer conversion services as well (at very competitive rates) if you want one-stop shopping. But the beauty of Ultra-D – whether you convert the content yourself or use a third party conversion house – is that you don’t have to convert every frame. On average, you’ll need to convert only 1 keyframe out of every 10, saving you 90% on schedule and budget.  We’re also working on a nearly real-time, fully automated seeCube Saver™ solution that will allow you to feed in 2D or 3D content and save Ultra-D formatted masters.

What about live events? If sports broadcasting, news or other live programming is your business, we’ve got just what you need. The seeCube Pro™ is a rack-mountable hardware solution for use in OB vans, broadcast compounds and network operations centers. The HD-SDI inputs of this handy bit of equipment take in both the primary 2D/3D feed as well as a separate 2D/3D feed from the graphics generator, converting the primary feed into Ultra-D and compositing the graphics into a final Glasses-Free 3D output for distribution in real time. We’re also exploring integration of our Ultra-D conversion function directly into the graphics packages used by major broadcasters… so stay tuned for future updates.

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