Games + Interactive

Integrating our SDK is a simple as a few clicks when you’re using our Unity or Unreal plugins, and it’s as simple as a few lines of code when you’re working directly with our graphics SDK.  Integrate in hours – not months – and say goodbye to endless headaches associated with complicated, high-cost, highly-unknown platforms (yeah we’re looking at you VR).

Once you’ve implemented our plugins (or SDK), you will immediately start taking advantage of our revenue platform. A platform represented by a consumer demographic that’s filled with disposable income and a strong desire to have the latest and greatest.  The sooner you partner with our marketing and distribution efforts, the sooner you’ll discover just how big 3D should’ve been.  Contact us today for information on trial licenses and hardware support.

Do you make training simulators, visualizations, or other interactive products?  We’ve got you covered too.  Our Unity and Unreal plugins allow for seamless integration no matter how your end product looks (or feels).  Even if you’re doing something outside the game engines entirely – that’s our specialty.

Contact us to learn more about our plugins and how to obtain them.