Ultra-D on Display at London’s Natural History Museum

LONDON, UK (Dec. 16, 2013) – Stream TV Networks, Inc.™ is pleased to announce its participation with British Sky Broadcasting and London’s Natural History Museum in promoting the New Year’s Day premiere of the latest program from Britain’s best-loved broadcaster. Extinct creatures are brought back to life in DAVID ATTENBOROUGH’S NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ALIVE 3D, to be broadcast at 6.30pm on New Year’s Day on Sky 3D and in 2D on Sky 1 HD.

As the title indicates, the Natural History Museum is the central setting for the program, so it seemed quite fitting to stage a promotion at the venue. After reviewing and stringently testing competing glasses-free 3D technologies on the market and in development, BSkyB has chosen Stream TV’s Ultra-D™ 2160p displays for the first public showcase of the trailer in glasses-free 3D.

For the first time in the UK, the Ultra-D screens are now on display at the Natural History Museum, giving viewers an early look at highlights from the upcoming broadcast. The six week promotion at the museum will run continuously during opening hours, demonstrating how watching 3D in stunning 50-inch 4K clarity without the need for clumsy glasses is a reality with Stream TV’s Ultra-D display.

“We are excited to promote Sir David Attenborough’s new project and are thrilled that Sky selected Ultra-D as the best glasses-free 3D technology. It’s a great validation of what we have worked to achieve,” said Stream TV CEO Mathu Rajan. “Museum visitors will get to experience brilliant 3D footage created by Atlantic Productions without having to wear glasses, immersing them into the natural world of the past in a way that has not been possible until the advent of our Ultra-D glasses-free 3D screens.”

The public can experience Ultra-D no glasses required in person at:

Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD
Open Monday to Sunday from 10.00-17.50, except 24-26 December.
Last admission 17.30

Written and presented by the multi-award winning natural history broadcaster, DAVID ATTENBOROUGH’S NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ALIVE 3D marks his sixth 3D project for Sky. The film is produced by Colossus Productions, a joint venture between Atlantic Productions and Sky 3D.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream of the nation’s favorite naturalist, DAVID ATTENBOROUGH’S NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ALIVE 3D is the result of a collaboration with the scientists of the Natural History Museum. Produced by a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning team, this film was shot in stunning 3D by the same 3D team behind recent blockbuster Gravity with spectacular visual effects produced by a team whose combined credits include work on the successful Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises.

Combining spectacular visuals with David Attenborough’s extraordinary insight and delightful interaction with these creatures offers viewers a captivating window into prehistory, as they join him on a unique and enchanting journey through time to discover how these animals once roamed the planet.

David Attenborough commented, “I have been coming to the Natural History Museum since I was a boy. It’s one of the great places to come to learn about natural history. In this film we have the technology to bring back to life some of the most romantic and extraordinary extinct creatures that can be conceived; some are relatively recent animals like the dodo, others older like the dinosaurs, and some we only know through fossil evidence. Using our current scientific knowledge, this film brings these creatures alive allowing me to look at some of the biggest questions surrounding them. I hope that it will make people think about these extinct creatures differently and bring the Museum to life in a new and exciting way.”

premieres at 6.30pm on New Year’s Day on Sky 3D and in 2D on Sky 1 HD.

For more information please visit www.sky.com/tv/show/attenborough-museum-3d

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