Stream TV Commences SoC Tour in Asia

Months of intense development work conducted in three countries by Stream TV Networks, its subsidiary SeeCubic, and Qualcomm integration expert Intrinsyc have resulted in the successful transfer of Stream TV’s Ultra-D realtime conversion application from an external PC device to Qualcomm’s 8074 processor on the Snapdragon™ board. The new System on Chip (SoC) solution – which is capable of converting 2D or full HD 3D footage into Stream TV’s proprietary Ultra-D format – paves the way for mobile devices and fully integrated smart TV’s that can display content from any source in glasses-free 3D. Converting frame-packed Blu-ray quality 3D to Ultra-D in realtime was one of the remaining hurdles to overcome for mass production, and the new demonstrator units are now being shown to Stream TV’s brand partners in China, Korea and Japan.